For protection from humidity, oxidation, current leakage, and short circuit of any electric connectors and electric equipment which are used, stored and preserved in unfavorable climatic and harsh environment.

NANOPROTECH Electric was developed specially for industrial use.

Unique water proofing, anticorrosion, insulation, and penetrating properties of «NANOPROTECH» are confirmed by technical statements and laboratory tests (you can request the copies from our official representative).


Nanoparticles penetrate into the structure of the applied surface, displace moisture, stop squeaking, prevent corrosion,and build a coating that reduces friction and wear. The product does not lose its properties at the temperature range from – −80°š to +140°š. It is harmless on all materials and can penetrate into hard-to-reach spots. The product can be applied on wet rfaces and it maintains its elasticity for a long time.


Protects electronic devices against moisture (steam,condensate water, rain, chlorinated and salt water etc.);

Increases service life of electrical equipment;

Restores, maintains and improves dielectric resistance of electrical equipment in wet conditions;

Restores performance and conductivity of moisture damaged parts from corrosion and oxidation;

Protects against short circuits, malfunctioning and freezing of equipment;

Improves dielectric conductivity of the surfaces;

Protects against oxidation, mildew and fungi on electrical contacts;

Eliminates soot, carbon deposit and dirt;

Cleans and protects contacts of electrical equipment against dust and dirt.





Servicing, repair, efficiency restoration and preventative measures of the following objects:

  • electric engines of all kind and power;

  • generators, external coil drives;

  • pumps;

  • power supply;

  • cable of lighting and facilities;

  • elevator equipment;

  • navigation buoy;

  • undersea illuminating equipment;

  • industrial lumps;

  • traffic lights, devices of outdoor advertising;

  • automatic control equipment;

  • electromechanic door operating gear, rolling barrier;

  • equipment of the heat electric generation plant, minipower plant;

  • switchboard;

  • electrical motor winding;

  • electric contact, contact groups, plug and terminal connections;

  • igniter systems, battery, high-voltage cables;

  • lump contacts and fuse blocks;

  • external lights;

  • internal lights of wet rooms (car wash, hothouse, etc.);

  • electric counters and transformers;

  • connecter, contact groups and detectors of security systems, telecommunications, mobile communication systems, radio detectors and projector units;

  • other electromechanic and electric equipment.

Preventive measures against short circuits and current leakage of following electric equipment:

  • equipment of aircrafts and airports;

  • surface and undersea ships.

Aims of NANOPROTECH Electric implementation in industry:

  • reduces working efforts of staff;

  • lowers starter current in electric motors and increases their service life;

  • reduces maintenance costs of equipment;

  • increase service life of equipment;

  • improves quality of service;

  • pre-sale preparation of vehicles and electric equipment;

  • reduces costs of self-dependent replacement, repair and restoration of the equipment;

  • reduces electricity costs;

  • prevents from short circuits caused by humidity;

  • raises the level of fire safety;

  • reduces injury risk of staff;

  • extension of the service list at service centers and workshops.

Easy to use
Wide range of application areas
Does not require preparation of the applied surface
Effective even with wet surfaces
Produced in aerosol cans of 210 ml as well as in industrial package of 1000 l – IBS-container (considered individually)

Application: spray on the applied surface (consumption: 30 ml/m2); immerge the object into the reservoir filled with NANOPROTECH
Shelf life: 5 years from the production date.

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