NanoProtech Brake Gear Cleaner



  • Increases efficiency of braking
  • Erases Pollution
  • Doesn’t demand dismantle of knots
  • Protects from external influence
  • 300 ml
  • Made in Russia
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Product Description

Brake gear cleaner is made to take care of your brake mechanisms, high-quality cleaning and degreasing for all metal surfaces. It is intended for care of brake disks, drums, blocks, mechanisms of coupling and electrical equipment. Effectively deletes brake dust, oil traces, technical liquids, greasings and other isolating pollution from electric contacts, electronic components and sockets, preventing failures and refusals
of electric equipment. Allows to clean break pads without dismantle of nodes,increases efficiency of braking, reduces intensity of wear and heating of brake mechanisms. Degreases metal surfaces. Possesses with high penetration. Quickly evaporates, excepting short circuit and current leakage.

Made in Russia


Brake System Cleaner


Cleans and degreases. Removes effectively oily and other contamination from brake pads, discs, brake calipers, drums and other unpainted metal parts. Improves braking effectiveness, reduces creaking. Allows to clean disc brakes locally, without disassembly. Adapted for all friction materials used in the modern cars. Cleans effectively clutch mechanisms, suspension and transmission component. May be used for cleaning bicycle chains, compact machine subassemblies and units, etc.


Operation Manual:

  1. Clean the brake caliper parts with a wire brush.
  2. Shake the spray can and spray the compound on all contaminated areas, including the brake pad friction facing.
  3. Let the dissolved dirt pour off.
  4. Repeat the procedure if necessary.
  5. Blow the caliper out with compressed air or wipe it with a rag and dry it.
  6. Avoid contact of the compound with plastic, rubber and painted parts.
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