Cockpit Spray



  • Forms a strong protective layer
  • Restores & refreshes the appearance of plastic
  • Doesn’t leave marks & stains
  • Protects from external influence
  • 300 ml
  • Made in Russia

Product Description

It gives the surface shine and novelty effect. Creates a protective cover which protects a plastic surface from dirt and dust and dust as well as influence of ultraviolet radiation It helps to remove impurity and has an antistatic effect. Does not leave marks and stains on a applied surface. Gives to the applied surface a pleasant smell:

New Car.

Plastic Polish (in assortment)


Glossy. Renews effectively the appearance of the dashboard, vinyl, plastic and rubber car interior and body components by shedding glossy luster on them. Protects treated surfaces from ultraviolet rays, drying and cracking, ensures antistatic and water repellant properties. Operative at low temperatures. ‎


Treatment Process:


  1. Prepare the surface. Remove dust and all kinds of contaminants from it. Then dry it thoroughly.
  2. Shake the spray can.
  3. Apply the compound to the plastic surface from a distance of 15-20 cm. In case you polish the dashboard and sprayed some compound to the car windscreen, remove it wit the help of a clean rag.
  1. Polish the surface with a dry soft tissue or a paper towel if necessary.


Made in Russia

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