Contact Lubricant



  • Excludes emergency of current leakage
  • Prevents short circuits
  • Protects from Corrosion & Oxidation
  • Displaces moisture
  • 100 ml
  • Made in Russia

Product Description

Comparing to other known insulating sprays Contact Lubricant is resistant to the strong mechanical loadings, doesn’t imbibe moisture, doesn’t contain isopropanol, ethylene glycol and white spirit, doesn’t evaporate, doesn’t require additional wash and lubrication of nodes. Protective lubricant forces out moisture, lubricates applied mechanisms, safely isolates electrical equipment and sensitive electronics even being in a wet condition and recovers its functions. After treatment of high-voltage equipment by the protective coating the electric arc disappears. Impact of an electric arc on contact surfaces decreases considerably that significantly increases period of operation of the equipment.

Protective Grease for Electric Contacts

The grease is intended for long-term corrosion protection of battery terminals. It prevents corrosion, improving battery operation stability and reliability. Using the grease reduces battery voltage loss, prolonging its useful life. The grease is also intended for the protection of other electric contacts and connectors in the car electrical system.


  1. Clean contaminated terminals, parts, etc.
  2. Apply grease on the terminals.


Made in Russia

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