ElectroContact Cleaner



  • Safe for any covering
  • Soft & effective cleaning
  • Evaporates Quickly
  • Doesn’t leave marks & stains
  • 150 ml
  • Made in Russia
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Product Description

The professional cleaner created on the basis of high-quality “Isopropanol”. The product does not contain Chloric or Glycolic components. Quickly cleaning contacts and components, improves the overall performance and reliability of electric equipment. Prevents a breaking of contact or defective work by dissolution and washing off the pollution which hold moisture and are causes of corrosion and sparking.

Electric contact cleaner

Intended for eliminating contact resistance and preventing current leakage in the ignition system, terminals, connectors, relays, contact groups, etc. Removes oxides and sulphide films effectively and prevents their further formation.

Before applying the cleaner, deenergize the electric assemblies and connections you are going to treat.

  • Removes easily a wide scope of impurities: dirt particles, traces of grease, oil, etc.
  • Dries quickly without residue.
  • Cleans softly without surface damage.
  • Well compatible with various materials (metal, plastic, rubber, painted surfaces), does not impact the treated materials.

Treatment Process:
Apply the cleaner to the contaminated contacts. After waiting a while, repeat the treatment until dirt, oxides and sulphide films are completely removed. In case of heavy contamination, can be used simultaneously with mechanical treatment of the contamination using special brushes.

Re-energize the contract only after solvents evaporate completely, approximately in 10-15 minutes.

Made in Russia

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