Leather Conditioner



  • Restores structure of leather
  • Clears softly & effectively
  • Suitable for Genuine & Imitation leather
  • Doesnt leave marks
  • 150 ml
  • Made in Russia
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Product Description

Cleaner conditioner of a leather upholstery of interior – highly effective product for cleaning of all types of details of an interior made of genuine or imitation leather. The structure gets deeply into leather pores, being absorbed unreservedly and without leaving oil traces. Mean recovers the structure of leather, gives to a leather upholstery the softness, silkiness, easy gloss, water-repellent properties, it returns a smell of new leather. Forms the protective layer protecting from pollution and destroying impacts of ultraviolet rays on a surface. Recovers color and the structure of all types of leather upholsteries of seats, doors, panels.

Made in Russia

Leather Interior Cleaner and Conditioner


A high-performance double-action compound cleaning and protecting leather surfaces. It safely cleans, restores texture and renews car interior parts made of natural leather. It removes ingrained contamination from surface micropores without damaging leather structure. Creates a moderate luster. Protect leather from sun, preventing its premature aging.


The cleaner can be used at home for treating leather goods (furniture, clothes, shoes, bags and accessories) and clean vinyl and artificial leather.


Operation Manual

  1. Try the cleaner on an inconspicuous area because it may change color of some leather surfaces.
  2. Shake the can, apply foam evenly to the cleaned surfaces.
  3. Wait for some minutes and remove contaminations and residual cleaner with a soft tissue. ‎
  4. Polish until mild luster. ‎
  5. Treat heavily contaminated areas again if necessary.
  6. Attention! Do not use for cleaning chamois and other kinds of porous leather that darken when wetted. ‎
  7. Do not use on warm surfaces.
  8. Recommended operating temperature from +10°C to +30°C.
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