NanoProtech Liquid Wrench



  • Dissolves Rust
  • Releases rust & stuck mechanism
  • Penetrate hard to reach spots
  • Displaces moisture
  • 150 ml
  • Made in Russia

Product Description

Multipurpose product – dissolves rust, forces out moisture and releases the rusted and jammed details. In addition improves electric conductivity of contacts and eliminates dirt, hard-to-remove traces of bituminous, black oil, oil and liquid pollution. Thanks to this mix of active agents it is possible to maintain ease of the course of mobile details in any areas.

Rust Solvent
Intended for easy disassembly of stuck and rusty nuts, bolts, studs, screws, joints, as well as for lubricating concealed low-loaded friction couple. The solvent has an enhanced penetrating power, anticorrosion and
water displacing characteristics. It performs the functions of a unsticking fluid, a cleaner, a rust solvent, a lubricant, etc.

 Operation Manual

  1. For disassembly, spray the solvent to all the joints of the joint being dismantled, especially on its threaded part.
  2. In 30-40 seconds, repeat the treatment and wait for 2-3 minutes.
  3. Turn the nut (bolt) to a small angle in both directions and try to loosen it without applying excessive force.
  4. If the nut remains stuck, repeat the procedure cyclically until the nut is removed.
  5. Badly rusted parts should be first treated with the solvent 15-20 minutes before the repair start.
  6. For lubricating concealed friction couples (e.g., roller chain links) spray the solvent evenly to the external surface of the assembly (chain) – the solvent will penetrate the friction zone on its own trough slots.
  7. Use a suction pipe for hard-to-reach areas.


Made in Russia

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