Silicon Lubricant



  • Protects from squeak and wear
  • Forms a strong protective coating
  • Prevents mechanisms freezing
  • Prevents drying of Rubber & Plastics
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Product Description

Silicone spray doesn’t contain mineral oils and liquors. It is intended for greasing of rubbing surfaces and their protection. It is made on the basis of silicone and doesn’t contain chlorine-containing solvents. Protects and lubricates surfaces, forming a strong transparent protective cover. Eliminates squeaks of the contacting plastics. Protects rubber and plastic details from drying and from influence of ultraviolet.

Prevents build-up of dirt and grime, is water-resistant and protects, greases, provides care of metals and wooden surfaces.

Silicone grease

 Intended for:

– treating car door weatherstrips in order to stop creaking, improve elasticity and prevent ice seizure in case of temperature fluctuations;

– greasing window regulator rails and lock cylinders for easy opening;

– treating car door hinges in order to stop creaking and increase service life.

– treating car tires before long storage because it is able to stop rubber ageing and protect it from drying.

Operation Manual

  1. Shake the spray can.
  2. Spray the grease evenly onto the treated surface.
  3. Do not use for treating electric contacts.

Made in Russia

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