Special Cleaner



  • Doesn’t have a bad impact on materials
  • Clean delicate
  • Doesn’t leave marks
  • Doesn’t damage the surface
  • 50 ml
  • Made in Russia
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Product Description

Is ideally suited for effective and delicate cleaning of the electronic and mechanical equipment. Quickly evaporates and does not leave marks and stains. Effectively deletes liquids, oil, glue, water-soluble and other types of pollution from a surface of screens of smartphones, laptops and other equipment, details of radio-controlled models, the optical equipment (lenses etc.).

Can be used to clean Lenses & other sensitive Optical Equipment.

Special Cleaner

A universal compound for soft but effective cleaning of electric contacts, electronic and mechanical equipment. Especially suited for cleaning precision instruments, clock mechanisms, optical devices and sensitive electronic components.

Operation Manual:

  • Apply the cleaner carefully onto the treated surface.
  • Apply the compound evenly, adjusting its amount depending on the surface contamination level.
  • Wipe lightly contaminated surfaces with a lint-free cloth moistened with the Cleaner.
  • Do not use the compound on live electric components.
  • Let the compound evaporate before switching a device on.
  • The compound is easily flammable. Work and store the compound far from open flame sources and direct sunlight. Do not smoke when using the compound.

Made in Russia

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